Einzimmervilla Tour sponsored by Skullcandy

BRKN | Ein Tag in der Einzimmervilla

Skullcandy hat mich extra vom Training abgeholt, um für euch ein paar Eindrücke aus dem Studio auf Kamera einzufangen!
Unter allen, die dieses Video teilen verlosen wir 2x Crusher Wireless von Skullcandy und 2x mein Debütalbum “Kauft meine Liebe”!

Gepostet von BRKN am Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017

BRKN macht stabile Promo für seine Tour!

Vor der Tour noch rumgelaufen und neue Fans eingesammelt ?

Letzte Tickets für die Tour kriegt ihr bei https://www.eventim.de/deinbrkn

Publicada por BRKN en Martes, 3 de octubre de 2017



Danke an alle, die dabei waren!
Danke an alle, die es möglich gemacht haben!
Kein Plan, wohin es von hier aus geht, aber ick hoffe, ihr seid alle dabei und wir sehen uns alle bald wieder!

Liebe und Frieden

Publicada por BRKN en Martes, 7 de noviembre de 2017

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About The Colaboration

We deliver authenticity at Afrodeutsch. An Artist Tour Sponsoring is a great way of engaging a brand with a community authentically. Plus everyone loves music. But achieving a brand’s goals while respecting an artists authenticity is not always easy. Working with a musician is a challenge. Especially if you are set out to reach a savvy group segment that is skeptic towards ads and brand involvement. Authenticity means being real, so everything that doesn’t fit that equation can quickly be labeled as “fake” or “bought”. Germany is the third strongest music market globally. And Skullcandy was transitioning from a niche to a mainstream brand in a foreign market.

Working with artists in the US often didn’t translate to the German market. Our analysis concluded that the artists and their level weren’t resonating with our target groups over here. So we came up with the idea of finding an equivalent in Germany. A talented newcomer on the verge of a breakthrough. We found him in a very talented musician called BRKN (BERKAN) who appealed to a young target group and who polarized in a positive way. We scouted BRKN through our network of A&Rs and after meeting him personally we were very convinced that he had a perfect match. An agreement was reached and we were thrilled to get to work.

Skullcandy sponsored BRKN during the creation process and throughout his second studio album release and album tour. BRKN was scouted through our network of A&Rs and after meeting him personally we were very convinced that he was a perfect match. Throughout the project we had direct contact with him and his management “BESTE”, closely monitoring brand activities through project managers on the ground during tour stops and engaging with fans directly. Being the main sponsor of BRKNs “Einzimmervilla-Tour” had a positive impact on brand awareness for Skullcandy and added great content in form of video blogs, imagery from a campaign shooting and many more. We also developed a new promotion case by having fans listen to a new unreleased song of the artist during the tourstop in exchange for subscriptions and for further engagement.

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