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Great Promotion Teams And Great Artists as well as Fair Hostesses, Sales Promoters & Artists

Looking for professional, dedicated staff for your event? Of course, they should also be perfectly trained and versatile. We offer our services for one-time pop-up events as well as for frequent jobs for a longer period. We have a large and deep pool of personnel that is constantly growing. Therefore, every project is realized with the right team and throughout Germany. Staff for events, promotions, modeling, and F&B events is highly in demand. We’ve got great talent.

More About The Booking of Fair Hostesses, Sales Promoters & Artists

You want to get something big off the ground and are looking for the best support on-site? We offer you a selection of sed cards with individuals that stand out. We provide you with full service. From hiring and legal employment process, to stand-by service. While you sit back and relax we handle your team for you. More appointments pending? If so, our staff is happy to help you with further assignments. The booking process is simple and transparent. Years of experience make us experts in labor law. That’s why we are your reliable ‘Staff & Artist Booking Agency’ in Germany.

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Promotion-Staff Title

Your Promotion Agency in Germany

Promoters act as brand ambassadors. Their contribution in an event setting is huge. This makes it all the more important to select them carefully and to train them well. This is how we do it:

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Sales Promotion Agency Germany

Conveying passion for the job is at the center of our sales promotion approach. Passion for the job and personal responsibility. Both increase the level of motivation. But there is more to successful sales promotion. Read about it here.