POS Merchandising for Skullcandy


POS Merchandising since 2016

Our POS Merchandising Service

Skullcandy appointed us to run the show nationally. So we’ve been in charge since 2016. It is a joined effort where Skullcandy provides new designs and displays annually. We handle the rest. Subsequently, we play a major role in creating visibility instore. Our dedication precedes us. This results in a great partnership with our stores. Simultaneously we report to our client weekly. These touchpoints give us room for evaluation and new arrangements. All for the benefit of an optimal POS-Merchandising program. We’ve done over 1000 POS-Merchandising visits since 2016. With great results. Get in touch for insights.

Roll Outs

Roll-Outs happen twice a year. During these, we install demos and displays. The focus is on new products. Our great relationship with stores is key. All our stores participate. For example, in 2019, we positioned the brand’s first “True Wireless” headphones in German retail. To accommodate this, we made major changes to set-ups. Every store was surveyed for this. The roll-out ran smoothly. The timing was perfect. Making it a great success for Skullcandy and us. Consequently, we achieved the best placements in stores.

More Performance

Our POS-Merchandising provides more than just maintenance. Each visual merchandiser gets in-depth product training. So he can educate in-store salespeople. Keeping them up to date is important. So, they can sell products to consumers easily. Our aim is to reach a state in which all information is distributed. From top to bottom, we make sure the right information is available. Subsequently, we answer all customer questions.

2019 was the focus year for “Active Noiscancelling” products. Thus Skullcandy expanded its product range. We were assigned with multiple headphone replacements. These were executed for the in-store units. Subsequently, we planned a strategic rollout. Prior to that, we trained our teams on the new products. Furthermore, we replenished and updated display designs. Making Skullcandy really visible throughout the year.

In the years prior, we improved visibility for the brand. In addition, we increased store space. We also took advantage of second placements. Moreover, we established large product tables in the key cities. Our CE retail program speaks for itself. You can benefit from our experience. We manage assets and staff for your project. 2020 is a year of great change in the CE market. Now is the best time to secure a top spot. Get in touch with us to develop an effective program for your brand.

Our Duties


Intensiv Trainings

Coordination Merchandiser Team

Production of POS Materials

Communikation with Brand, Distribution & Stores

Logistics & Shipping of POS Material

Maintenance & Optimization of the POS all over Germany

Evaluation of the Reports