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POS Merchandising since 2020

POS Merchandising Status Quo

With a clear vision of evolving our business, we developed a new service – POS-Merchandising. Being present in a lot of shops has been very valuable. This enabled us to build our own approach to POS-Merchandising. Since 2017 we’ve worked with CE distributors. Software Partner and AK-Tronic have worked with us on a regular basis. For them, we take on after-sales services that include sales promotions and POS-Merchandising. Since then we’ve scaled and increased our engagement. Basically, our portfolio now includes POS-Service for five brands. Thus we manage different stores across Germany. Moreover, we deliver visual merchandising installations and window decorations.

Our teams undertake routine visits. If needed we are also stand-by for tasks on demand. We work efficiently by integrating on-demand tasks into routine visits. This saves costs. If a specific task can’t wait, we still find reasonable solutions for our clients. Quick reaction time and efficient POS-Merchandising are important. They are fundamental to our clients’ success. Usually, we categorize stores into AB & C. Depending on size and turnover stores fall into these three categories. The A category stores are accessed weekly. B stores every two weeks. C stores once a month. This has proven to be most effective. A stores are highly frequented and therefore quickly in a mess. Subsequently, without weekly visits an appealing presentation can’t be maintained. On the other hand, C stores have a smaller product range often without displays and demos. Monthly visits are sufficient. Moreover, we save money for our clients.

Cutting Corners

Our visual merchandisers are on the road throughout Germany. We transmit planograms and important details to them. They receive insights during training sessions. As well as through our individualized app. The reporting app allows for swift updates. Moreover, we evaluate and edit reports internally. This enables a quick distribution of new assignments. The sales team and visual merchandisers only receive useful and relevant information. Therefore everyone stays focused on their task. Our visual merchandisers are always ready to get going. That’s why we keep them fully equipped with the usual material they need at the POS. This allows them to react to given circumstances on the spot. Why wait for the next visit? We stay in full control of our clients’ s instore appearance. Weekly images from our visits guarantee transparency.

Our teams are trained to handle multiple brands and products during a tour. A merch tour can be for headphones, power banks and toys at the same time. Since these products are all available in the same store this integration is very cost-effective. Depending on the intensity of the assignments, we are able to add new brands to existing tours. However, we only do this if quality standards are maintained. Creating new tours is always possible and highly recommended. Loyalty is guaranteed. We don’t work for competitors at the same time. Conflicts of interest are inevitable.

Mission Statement

Afrodeutsch Advertising delivers effective point of sale merchandising programs. We aim at creating compelling solutions that catch the eye. Solutions that tell the benefits quickly and make it easy to pick a productfrom the shelf. Thus, our approach has a consistent impact on purchasing habits. Therefore we design our POS-Merchandising towards grabbing attention. The right POS- Merchandising has a positive impact on sales.

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