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Talented Staff For Great Brands

Before founding our German Promotion Agency we worked as team leaders for other agencies. Staffing was not their focus. They often booked promoters on the side. Because staffing was not their focus low pay and exploitation were common. Moreover, there was an attitude of indifference towards staff. These grievances opened our eyes. We saw the potential success we could have if only we improved on these fundamentals. Customer satisfaction starts with the experience, continues with the product, and ends with the brand. With a process being so interconnected, how can you risk to have staffers on your team that aren’t motivated? That lack of motivation and preparation hinders your ability to connect on all available levels. The brick and mortar space is heavily fought over by fierce competition. Sometimes a friendly interaction with a motivated staffer is the only thing sealing the deal. CE stores are heavily reducing their staff. Promotion gives you the amount of engagement you need to be successful. Here’s what matters to us: 1. Careful selection of staff and profound training. 2. Proactivity. 3. Authenticity. 3. Friendly and polite approaching. 4. Embodying the brand you’re working for. 5. Fair payment. We’ve developed an eye for the right staffers over the years. Therefore we maintain and guarantee high quality on the job.

Positive Emotions

We aim at achieving the best brand experience. Your campaign is in the best hands. Regardless of the task – sophisticated walking act performance, or a simple flyering job. We pay much attention to detail. Branded gifts alone don’t do the trick. Creating positive experiences and therefore positive emotions on the other hand do. Be sure to receive great value when you work with us. The right mix of information, entertainment, and initiative are key. They persuade consumers to linger. Thus to explore and get comfortable. In this atmosphere we create desire. We get consumers relaxed and open to conversation. So our promoters, models, and dedicated event staff drive key messages home. When measures are convincing selling becomes obsolete. Positive emotions sell!

Project Management

As a German Promotion Agency we deliver quality services. Careful and thorough planning are essential. While we work with a lot of freelancers we’ve achieved regularity by binding staffers. They benefit from regular jobs and we can be sure to have quality staff at our disposal. Managing promotions can be on very short notice. Nonetheless, we set goals and milestones. These allow for exact timings. So that booking, training and promoter equipping work smoothly. While staffing is in progress we can arrange with locations. We also handle permits with city authorities in case we need to run a promotion in a public space. As soon as everything is crossed off our list nothing stands in the way of a successful promotion. To be able to react on the spot a project manager is either on-site or just a phone call away.

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