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The Idea

Successfully hosting a brand concert format in a foreign market requires cautious planning and execution. Our objectives: 1. Deliver the same value to the German audience without alienating the established one in the US and UK. 2. Find a great location Skullcandy can transform. 3. Stay within budget. 4. Involve influencers. With previous brand concerts by established artists like Amber Mark, or Jay Prince, in the USA, or Alma in England we brought an edition of the concert series #NOWFEELTHIS to Germany. It quickly became clear that we had to deal with a language barrier. Hence, we couldn’t just book a German artist, because the established American or British audience would hardly have been able to follow an hour of Livestream. Subsequently, the ‘alienation-problem’ needed solving first. The urban youth has a lot of love for its German-speaking acts. CRO, Annenmaykantereit, or BRKN – the new wave of successful

German-speaking artists – self-confident and established. We would have loved to showcase these to the world. But obviously, German acts were off the table. On the other hand, we couldn’t just book established English-speaking artists from Germany like Milky Chance, Gentleman or Joy Denalane. They were unquestionably way over our budget. Therefore, it was clear that we needed to find new English-speaking, high-quality acts from Germany. Dr. Dre once rapped ‘Kept My Ear to the Streets, signed Eminem: – meaning despite his many successes with NWA and Snoop Dogg, he did not lose his eye for new talent. As a result, the discovery of Eminem proved him right – he had not lost his ‘ear for the streets’. Transferred to our work as an agency; we focus on our daily business. It requires our full attention. Nevertheless, we do not lose our love for new stuff and therefore keep track of the culture. Relatively soon we got in

touch with two artists, Kelvyn Colt & Serious Klein. Both were on our radar for quite some time. Thus, it quickly became clear that with the booking of both artists we would have the perfect line-up for the #NOWFEELBERLIN show. We were able to convince both artists of our concept. They delivered great performances. Allowing us to create captivating content during the shows. Kelvin Colt’s live stream performance was well received obviously. It is one of the most viewed. The brand concert venue was the A7 club at Alexander Platz. With its great LED screen installation we were able to provide high-quality digital branding throughout the event. Influencers like presenter Visa Vie were stoked creating content for their channels. We were able to provide Skullcandy with a great brand concert show. Prior to the event, we raffled out tickets for the show. The Berliner crowd was very pleased with the artist line-up.

  • Serious Klein x Skdy on Stage
  • Kelvin Colt x Skdy on Stage 2
  • Edgar Peters Moderation

Our Duties



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Out of Home Camapaign

Cooperation Management

On Site Location Management

Invitation Management

Promotion & Activation on Event