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Fire JD Sports Opening Events

For our clients RWD & JD, this has been the third year in a row that we have taken the lead, providing quality services for their store opening events across Germany. Locations are predominantly on the main shopping streets with a lot of footfall. Therefore we also make sure events run smoothly by providing a lot of possibilities to participate. There is for one, the show, with a DJ, and talents. Raffles. Finally, the shopping experience. Store Opening Events also feature new product launches, so in the past, we’ve been part of a Yeezy, Reebok, and Converse launch. JD plans the events internally – providing us with the facts and dates. We then take it from there. Basically we book ‘talents’ like breakdancers, and freestylers as well as hosts to engage with visitors. These run the aforementioned raffles and give out goodies. Very outgoing promoters are required for these events.

Luckily our nationwide pool of staff allows us to source the right people. In this case, a briefing before event is sufficient, since we are on-site with a team leader to make sure everyone complies. The JD in-store staff runs the location. Every launch of a new retail store requires us to handle the entertainment part of the opening, while they can focus on reaching their sales target for the day. Therefore we start early in the day, before opening hours to make sure the sound system and equipment are set-up and every one is carefully briefed on their task for the day. We are also in charge of reporting – mostly by images provided by one of our photographers. However, we also report on numbers like raffle participation and footfall. These are transmitted during and after the event, making HQ participate almost in real-time. Of course, this does not replace a final report. We always deliver one in addition.

Our Duties


Artist Booking

Raffel Coordination

Promoter Coordination

Executive Event Management

Communication with Brand & Stores