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Influencer seeding and Influencer marketing is now a global phenomenon. With the rise of social fame micro and macro-influencers built their following over time creating higher value for their followers and communities. Today they are a fundamental part of a brand’s marketing measures. Furthermore, the ROI working with them is often higher than on a lot of traditional channels. Tile is a new and innovative product. A low-level Bluetooth device that helps you find your valuables. Strap a stylish tile to your notebook, bike, or to your wallet, so you can find it through the free app. It’s so easy to use that a child can explain its benefits. Since the beginning of 2018, Tile has been breaking new ground. It became Alexa and Google Home compatible just recently. So users can now locate everything with their voice. Ask Alexa and your tile begins to ring. New technology needs fresh concepts. This is exactly how products can conquer the international market.

We took on this challenge for the German market. With our approach, we began creating buzz on the web for the product. Therefore we teamed up with micro-influencers. We seeded Tile starter packages to them. With these, they conducted a raffle on their channels. Our idea was to activate the narrative by making entrants tell a story about what they would do if someone gifted them a year in their life. So by doing this we incorporated one of tile’s key benefits. Since we lose a year of our lives searching for stuff. The outcome was great with a lot of entertaining comments. The winners received a starter set from tile. The Social & Influencer Seeding measures definitely raised the awareness for Tile & their products. The influencers were able to communicate the benefits of the products to their communities. We are happy to have successfully executed on behalf of tile. this revolution on the German market.

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