The Idea

The CE The CE Retail business is a shark tank with very competitive brands. Furthermore, the pricing policies are tight and therefore very competitive. For brands trying to enter the market and gain market share, there are huge barriers. One is having to spend a lot on store space. As well as real estate. The other is that you almost can’t build without being present in the accounts MSD(MEDIASATURN), Müller & Kaufhof/Karstadt. Software partner was already at MSD as a distributor for established brands. Their broad portfolio of products across multiple departments gave them an advantage. They had distributed hard drives and storage media to this account in the past. Now their plan was to diversify. Therefore to establish a mobile accessories brand of their own.

Xlayer was created with the goal of providing affordable power sources for all age groups. The product line appealed to business people, teens and adventurers. But without a brand image and overall brand message it was difficult to sell product. Especially with the target of selling across a larger number of stores across Germany. Furthermore, they were looking to become a focus partner. Which brought a lot of benefits with it. Therefore SP got in touch with Afrodeutsch to create a campaign to build more brand recognition on social media and to involve their key accounts in a retail tour and online raffles. In addition, they were looking for a way to promote their new outdoor product line. Powerbanks with a solar panel for charging during a camping trip.

Our plan was to kick off the campaign with a strong image clip. Therefore we sourced for two extreme runners who were planning to cross a canary island running. With the solar power bank as their only energy source for their wearables and gps devices we travelled to Crete to shoot the image clip. While we crafted the concept we also came up with the slogan and hashtag #movethepower. The campaign featured further product & image videos as well as product & lifestyle images. This content contributed significantly to a quality social media presence. In a second step, we reached out to further influencers through seedings. These helped us with spreading the message into their communities by producing further content.

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Our Duties

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